Despite Vandalism, NC State University's GLBT Center is Participating in Spirit Day

On Monday night, North Carolina State University’s GLBT Center was vandalized with derogatory language, including an anti-gay slur. The vandalism was done in purple spray paint, and university authorities are currently reviewing video surveillance footage to identify a suspected perpetrator. “We are working on a positive affirming response to this cowardly act of hatred,” says the GLBT Center’s website.

In spite of this vandalism and the upset it has caused, the GLBT Center is coming together and taking a stance against bullying by participating in Spirit Day. Spirit Day is a day when, by wearing purple, individuals and organizations can show lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth that they embrace and accept them for who they are, and that bullying must come to an end. GLAAD commends North Carolina State University’s GLBT Center for bravely continuing to stand up for equality and support its community.