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New Study Explores Diversity Within Transgender Community

Last month, the Columbia University Press published "The Lives of Transgender People," a book outlining the findings of a comprehensive survey on gender, development, and identity among transgender individuals in the United States.

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Story to Watch: Court Rules in Favor of Fired Transgender Employee

Today, a federal appeals court ruled in favor of Vandy Beth Glenn, who was fired in 2007 from her job as a legislative editor at the General Assembly in Georgia after disclosing that she is transgender and intended to come out in the workplace.

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Story to Watch: Music Teacher Removes Word 'Gay' From Christmas Carol

At Cherry Knoll Elementary school in Traverse City, Michigan, a music teacher decided to remove the word 'gay' from a verse sung in the traditional Christmas carol "Deck the Halls" to stop students from giggling. The principal expressed disappointment with the teacher's decision, saying this was a teachable moment for respect and equal treatment.Read More

Marsha and Aiden Aizumi Speak about Family and LGBT Youth Advocacy

In September, GLAAD spoke with Marsha Aizumi regarding her upcoming memoir "Two Spirits, One Heart," which explores her journey to embracing her transgender son, Aiden. Recently, GLAAD caught up with Marsha and Aiden, discussing their respective work in advocacy and their experience as a family that has grown closer together through change.

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World AIDS Day: A Look At The Transgender Community

On World AIDS Day, many individuals and organizations are taking time to reflect on the devastating effects this epidemic has had on people across the globe, particularly within the LGBT community. However, less often highlighted are the specific ways that HIV/AIDS has impacted transgender people.

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Story to Watch: Maryland State Delegate Claims Pro-Gay Bias

Baltimore attorney J. Wyndal Gordon, who is representing Maryland State Del. Tiffany Alston, claims that the indictment of his client for alleged campaign finance violations under state criminal law is somehow related to her opposition towards a recent marriage equality bill.

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Equality Maine and GLAD to Run TV Ads Supporting Marriage Equality

In June, Equality Maine and the Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD) produced videos for their joint website, called Why Marriage Matters Maine, in support of marriage equality. Now, these organizations have a new and exciting opportunity to reach a wider audience than ever before through airing one of the videos as an ad on television.Read More

GLAAD Staff Attends Transgender Day of Remembrance Event

On Sunday, people around the world came together to commemorate the Transgender Day of Remembrance. Events to honor the day were held throughout the weekend, including an event at New York City's LGBT Community Center this past Friday, which was attended by GLAAD staff members.

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