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Fourth Case Challenging DOMA Brought Before Supreme Court

GLAD presented a fourth federal case challenging the so-called "Defense of Marriage" Act (DOMA) to the Supreme Court.

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VIDEO: Maine's Marriage Equality Campaign Releases New TV Ad

A new television ad supporting marriage equality in Maine and now airing statewide features a straight married couple talking about why marriage matters to them and to both of their sons, one of whom is gay. Read More

Maryland Approves Ballot Language For Marriage Equality Vote

The Maryland Secretary of State releases ballot language for the upcoming marriage equality vote.

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Fire Thrown In Attack On Salt Lake City Gay Bar Patrons

Patrons at a Salt Lake City gay club were bombarded with fire by three suspects. No injuries were reported, but police are investigating.

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Victim Killed, Found Blocks From Shooting Of Trans Woman Paige Clay

A 19-year-old was found stabbed to death in Chicago, blocks from the shooting of Paige Clay, a transgender woman of color.

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Out Candidates Mark Pocan and David Richardson Win Election Primaries

Mark Pocan and David Richardson win election primaries, joining list of out LGBT candidates.

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Indianapolis City Council Approves Employee Domestic Partner Benefits

The Indianapolis City-County Council voted in favor of providing benefits to domestic partners of city employees, including lesbian and gay partners.

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GLAAD Mourns The Loss Of Openly Gay Essayist David Rakoff

Acclaimed openly gay essayist and This American Life contributor David Rakoff died at age 47.

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