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Transgender Awareness Week Starts Today! Help Spread The Word With Fenway Health's Graphic

Today is the first day of Transgender Awareness Week! You can help spread the word by sharing a graphic from Fenway Health.

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First Openly Transgender State Lawmaker Elected In New Hampshire

Voters in New Hampshire elected the state's first openly transgender lawmaker, Stacie Laughton. She will serve Ward 4 in the New Hampshire House of Representatives.

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San Francisco Public Healthcare Removes Exclusions To Transgender Care

San Francisco's health access program, Healthy SF, will remove exclusions that deny medically necessary transition-related care to transgender people.

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Watch: Google Employees Join Tech Giants Apple and Microsoft in Speaking Out for Marriage Equality

Google employees speak out in support of marriage equality in a new video by More

Director Lana Wachowski Gives Moving Acceptance Speech For Visibility Award

Film director Lana Wachowski gave a moving acceptance speech upon receiving the Human Rights Campaign's Visibility Award. Read More

Hudson School GSA Supports LGBT Youth, Was Purple For #SpiritDay!

The Hudson School GSA joined the many students and millions of Americans who went purple for Spirit Day!

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LGBT and Community Media Go Purple For #SpiritDay!

LGBT-focused blogs, news websites, and media outlets, as well as community media outlets, are going purple for #SpiritDay! Check out their purple below!

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#SpiritDay: A Mother Supports Her Transgender Son In A New Memoir, Goes Purple For LGBT Youth!

Marsha Aizumi, author of Two Spirits, One Heart, writes about supporting her transgender son, Aiden, and all LGBT youth for Spirit Day!

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