Catch MTV's "True Life: I'm a Gay Athlete" tonight, check out a sneak peek now!

The MTV series True Life, a documentary series that follows topics relevant to the lives of many teens and young adults, will premiere True Life: I'm a Gay Athlete tonight at 11:30pm ET. The episode follows college athletes Desiree and Steven as they go through coming out to their friends, family, and teammates; check out a sneak peek below.

Desiree and Steven's stories coincide with the 2014 NFL Draft, beginning tomorrow and running through Saturday, where Michael Sam is expected to become the first openly gay pro football player. Show your support for him and all LGBT athletes by joining #SamFans on Twitter.

This special episode of True Life is part of MTV's new Look Different campaign launched last week, a long-term project which combines on-air, digital content and social media programming to address racial, gender, and LGBT inequalities and give youth the tools and forum to have conversations that will movie equality forward.

Be sure to catch True Life: I'm a Gay Athlete on MTV tonight at 11:30pm ET.

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