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British Rugby Champ and LGBT Ally Ben Cohen Launches StandUp Magazine


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This week saw the debut issue of StandUp Magazine, a publication focused on highlighting positive stories of inclusion and fairness from the world of sports. StandUp Foundation founder Ben Cohen (who also graces the cover of the first issue) is a longtime ally of the LGBT community, and has been one of the leaders of current worldwide anti-bullying efforts throughout sports. Cohen said:

“It is time to celebrate a return to true sportsmanship and the spirit of fairness at its core. As sports role models, we have an incredible opportunity with StandUp Magazine to set an example for character in action, welcoming all to sports and creating good on and off the field.”Eric Carlyle, president at Media Out Loud Global LLC said, “StandUp Magazine brings a fantastic addition to our portfolio of properties. Sports culture is changing and it is time to document and share the people, attitudes and good works making that happen.”

A share of the profits from the magazine will go to the StandUp Foundation.

OutSports reports that StandUp Magazine will be available nationwide, with planned distribution through Barnes & Noble Booksellers and by subscription; it will be sampled and promoted to more than 1.5 million customers through other media properties and merchandise distribution channels.

You can subscribe at


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