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Transgender Day of Remembrance Featured on National Spanish-Language Television

In honor of Transgender Day of Remembrance, Univision news program Primer Impacto aired a segment to educate its viewers on the violence and discrimination transgender people face around the world, and to remember the lives lost to anti-transgender violence. Read More

Sara Ramirez Tells 'I’m always going to support the LGBT community'

In a recent interview with, actress Sara Ramírez reaffirmed her commitment and support as an ally to the LGBT community.Read More

Celebrating Latinos' Crucial Role in LGBT Victories

GLAAD joins millions in celebrating the gains made for LGBT Americans in this election, including LGBT Latinos. Many LGBT Latinos and allies worked hard to ensure victory for equality.

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El Rol Crucial de Latinos en Victorias por la Igualdad LGBT

GLAAD se une a millones en celebrar las victorias para la comunidad LGBT, incluidos los latinos LGBT, en esta elección. Fueron muchos los latinos LGBT y aliados que trabajaron duro para asegurar de que hubiera una victoria por la igualdad.

Read More Profiles GLAAD's Monica Trasandes as an 'Inspiring Latina'

GLAAD’s Director of Spanish-Language Media Monica Trasandes was recently profiled by as part of its Inspiring Latina series.

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Noche Histórica: Gana Re-Elección el Primer Presidente Estadounidense que Apoya al Matrimonio Igualitario y Matrimonio en Maryland y Maine

Noche Histórica: Gana Re-Elección  el Primer Presidente Estadounidense que Apoya al Matrimonio Igualitario y Matrimonio en Maryland y Maine

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For Many Latino Parents, Marriage Equality is about Family

Many Latino allies are speaking out in support of their LGBT family and friends in states where the population will be asked to vote on marriage equality Nov. 6. Here are just a few amazing stories.

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New Tools to Help Support Marriage Equality in Washington State

Washington United for Marriage (WUM) has launched two GOTV tools to ensure that marriage equality is upheld in Washington state.

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