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Univision airs first gay wedding in network history

While LGBT characters are nothing new in U.S. Spanish-language television, this week Univision made history when it aired its first wedding between a gay couple in novela "Amores Verdaderos," or "True Love."Read More

GLAAD to The Hill: Congress's dysfunction is not our country's dysfunction

In an op-ed, GLAAD's acting president denounces Congress' political games in the immigration reform debate that play with the lives of real people.

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GLAAD at Work: Continuing to educate journalists about fair coverage of LGBT people

The San Diego Press Club will be hosting its first-ever panel discussion addressing the media coverage of the LGBT community, with GLAAD's own Monica Trasandes as a featured panelist.

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Congress, these are real people's lives: Stop draconian amendments to immigration reform

GLAAD and other LGBT groups decry Senate's proposed amendments to immigration reform bill that make draconian demands for excessive and unfair enforcement provisions and border armament.

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GLAAD and other LGBT groups speak out on exclusion of gay binational couples from immigration reform

GLAAD and other LGBT groups are disappointed about UAFA being excluded, but affirm support to ensure immigration reform includes everybody.

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GLAAD and other LGBT groups speak out on immigration reform

GLAAD and other LGBT groups call on Congress to maintain family unity at the heart of immigration reform. The groups support changes to the immigration bill that will provide an accessible pathway to citizenship, and ardently oppose draconian amendments that would make immigrants permanent second-class citizens.

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The Advocate Calls Novel by GLAAD Staffer a "Must Read"

A novel by GLAAD's Monica Trasandes was recently included in the Advocate's "20 Must-Read Books We Missed Last Year," calling it a "tender and languid look at love, loneliness, and transformation. Beautifully done."

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WATCH: Gay Latino Binational Couple Fights for Their Dreams

In this moving video op-ed, journalist Jens Erik Gould profiles the dreams of this gay Latino couple, as well as their fears and the uncertainty caused by lack of federal protections as a gay couple and because of an unjust immigration system.

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