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Parents of trans children find a community on Facebook

In the lead up to Spirit Day, we're highlighting stories of people who have used Facebook and Instagram to come out, find support and inspire change around LGBT equality.

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National Coming Out Day: Real people tell their stories

Tumblr and Everyone is Gay celebrated National Coming Out Day at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe in celebration of This Is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids.

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You're invited: Tumblr and Everyone is Gay celebrate coming out

Tumblr and Everyone is Gay are celebrating National Coming Out Day on Monday on October 6th at Housing Works Bookstore in celebration of 

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Take a selfie to take a stand! Get the #spiritday app

When was the last time anyone saw a teenager without a cell phone in hand? In school, on the street, in the mall, or on the couch, they are rarely without one.

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#DC19 campaign highlights DC's non-discrimination protections

A campaign launched by the DC Office of Human Rights (OHR) highlights the 19 traits covered under the DC Human Rights Act, which is the District’s anti-discrimination law.

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