"Black Sexuality & the Church" Union Theological Seminary film festival & panel

At "Brothas/Sistas Outsiders: Black Sexuality and the Church," two documentaries will be screened to kick off a panel discussion about LGBT youth's perspectives on the church's impact on marriage equality, homophobia, and the HIV epidemic.

The films "The New Black" and "Friend of Essex" explore the relationship between religion and the LGBT community; the first by examining the Religious Right's political tactics and the internal struggles of the black church as well as its impact on the black community. The latter by using narratives and poetry to teach about the role of community in the lives of young gay black men.

Following the screening, The New Black director Yoruba Richen, Friend of Essex director Amir Dixon, Rivers @ Rehoboth pastor Vanessa Brown, and Union Theological Seminary STM student and associate minister at Fort Washington Collegiate Church Rev. Melvin Miller will sit on the panel discussion.

The mini film festival, courtesy of Union Theological Seminary and planned by two Masters of Divinity candidates, will take place on Saturday, April 26 at 1 PM. Registration is required, so you should RSVP here.

Watch the movies' trailers below:

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