Banishing "DaVinci's Demons"

Popular gay entertainment blog The Backlot (formerly AfterElton) has announced they will no longer be covering the Starz historical drama DaVinci's Demons as the show's creators are stepping away from representing Leonardo DaVinci as bisexual:

So what can viewers expect in season two? Lady banging exclusively. TheWrap talked to Goyer yesterday about the character’s bisexuality. Here’s what he said:

“We’re not backing away from it and we will get back to it should we go into another [third] season…We don’t want to throw it in gratuitously… The sodomy trial [in the first season] was something that happened during the year that our show was taking place. It felt disingenuous not to do it.”

Heh. Funny he should mention “disingenuous.”

It’s entirely unnecessary for Goyer or anyone connected to this show to make hollow promises about bisexual representation. It’s their show after all, and if they want their fictional “DaVinci” to be some skirt chasing Errol Flynn-type then that’s their prerogative. Though it probably would have been far less insulting to LGBT audiences if they’d just dropped the halfassed “bisexuality” bullsh*t entirely and went balls to the wall with an exclusively hetero Leonardo DaVinci from the start. They so clearly wanted it.

At any rate, it doesn’t matter to us what DaVinci’s Demons does or doesn’t do with their fictional artist now. We’ve given up watching.

Check out the full story at The Backlot.