Ask your favorite celebrities to wear purple for #SpiritDay

Spirit Day is almost here, and many celebrities are already participating by wearing purple and sending messages of support to LGBT youth. If you haven't already, make your Twitter profile pic and your Facebook profile pic purple at

It's not too late to bring awareness of Spirit Day to your favorite celebrity. First, go to and see if they are already participating. If they are, you can thank them by sending them a tweet.  If you don't see them on the list, send them the following tweet or write your own:

@________ Will you go purple for #SpiritDay Oct 17 to support LGBT youth & end bullying?

@________ #SpiritDay is Thurs 10/17 - Wear purple & make your Twitter pic purple to end #bullying at #LGBT Please RT!

@________ #SpiritDay is Thurs 10/17! Stand against #bullying by making your Twitter pic purple at Pls RT!

Check out what one supporter did:

Tell us which celebrities you want to see go purple, and we'll also encourage them to get involved in Spirit Day. Let us know if you get an answer from them and don’t forget to go purple online and offline on Spirit Day at


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