Artist Spotlight: Darren Ockert Goes Beyond the Music

2013 has been a busy year for out British-born, Miami-based dance pop artist Darren Ockert. Between launching an anti-bullying campaign and releasing a new single, Ockert is putting his talent to good use and is working hard to empower others to share their story and counteract prejudice.

Ockert's new project, #YouDontKnowMe, was started to send positive anti-bullying messages. #YouDontKnowMe's goal is to give everyone a space to share something about themselves in the hope of giving others a better understanding of individual differences.

To jumpstart the #YouDontKnowMe project, Ockert created a music video for his tune, "You Don't Know Me," a catchy, upbeat power anthem for anyone who has ever felt misjudged by others. It premiered on Logo TV's NewNowNext blog. "Try to cram us into your box / we will always break the mold," sings Ockert. You can view the music video below.

Everyone is encouraged to visit the project's website and upload a video telling their personal story. You can learn more about the #YouDontKnowMe project at the official website here, or check out Darren Ockert's website here for more information.