Artist Spotlight: Arro Verse

Arro Verse, an out singer/songwriter, uses her musical talents to advocate for the LGBT community.

A Detroit native, Arro Verse began writing music at the age of 7, and is now gaining popularity in the indie music world. Arro almost never found a career in music. She was once criticized for not being able to read music. Feeling discouraged, she used her other passions of sports and media to attempt careers in sports medicine and television production. However, her love for music remained strong, and in 2007 she picked up her guitar for the first time in years. She's never looked back.

The multi-instrumentalist began to dabble in various genres, from rock to country to R&B and even children’s music. In 2011, Arro Verse won the RightOut TV award for “Best Video” for her anti-bullying song "Don’t Be My Boo Boo." The song, fusing rock and pop, appealed to people from different backgrounds and ages. Working on new music in the studio and performing at many venues in the Los Angeles area, Arro released “Love Follows Me” this year, receiving traction from many bloggers and music lovers. With momentum growing, and inspired by President Obama’s declaration of support for marriage for same-sex couples, Arro Verse recently released the song "Marry Me," which has garnered a lot of attention from the LGBT blogosphere.

"Marry Me" set Arro Verse up for her biggest project yet: The Marry Me Movement. This call for change is a cross-country venture that is committed to supporting marriage equality for same-sex couples through the intersection of music and sports. The first of many planned events, a softball game was held on Saturday, October 20th in Glendale, California. Funds raised during the game are going towards Marriage Equality USA and The Campaign for 20 Million More. The Marry Me Movement is also holding phone banks in support of R74, the referendum in Washington state that will grant marriage to same-sex couples.

Arro Verse is the perfect example of an artist who uses her musical talents for the greater good. Check out information on The Marry Me Movement here and watch the music video for "Marry me" below.