Artist Spotlight: AG

The 80’s-tinged sound of out lesbian singer-songwriter AG might be familiar to fans of Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice, but now an upcoming project has her tackling some classic Beatles recordings.

After finding success in her years as a solo artist, AG went on to help form The Rescues, which signed to Universal.  Since then she has refocused on her own career, and went on to release her eighth studio album, Me After You.


This year however, AG may have ventured into her most difficult project yet; covering the songs of The Beatles, arguably the most famous rock band in history.   Released 50 years after the formation of the Beatles on John Lennon’s birthday, her new EP (simply titled The Beatles) injects her signature style into six Beatles tracks, including “She Loves You,” “From Me to You,” and a gender-bending version of “I Wanna Be Your Man.”

Check out the video for I Wanna Be Your Man below and the rest of the EP on iTunes.