American teacher voted Mr. Gay Hong Kong

35-year-old American school teacher Michael Morrill was selected 2013's Mr. Gay Hong Kong. Michael, a school teacher, has been living in Asia for more than ten years and promises to advocate for the marginalized LGBT and HIV community in Hong Kong by opening a non-profit organization for the community.

....organizers of the five-year-old event as being on a “powerful mission to shed light on the realities of people living with HIV”. He has volunteered with several non-profit organizations, the work ranging from green rooftop gardening to poverty reduction campaigns. ‘Thank you to everyone who voted, came out to support and helped put together Mr Gay Hong Kong 2013,’ Morrill said after being declared the winner. ‘All I can say is thank you, and watch out, because boy, have I got some stories to tell!       Thank you and good night.’

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