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WATCH: Laverne Cox to trans youth: "There is someone who loves you"

Actress Laverne Cox guest co-hosted The View yesterday morning and discussed the recent suicide of transgender teen Leelah Alcorn, Laverne's own attempt to take her life at a young age, the dangers of living in an anti-transgender culture, and resources for trans youth and their families.

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More than 70,000 call on TLC to cancel "My Husband's Not Gay"

“This show is downright irresponsible,” said GLAAD President & CEO Sarah Kate Ellis. “No one can change who they love, and, more importantly, no one should have to. By investing in this dangerous programming, TLC is putting countless young LGBT people in harm’s way.”

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Justice Department moves to protect transgender employees

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announced today that the Justice Department will now consider transgender workers as protected by the Civil Rights Act of 1964 under Title VII.

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LGBT veterans to march in Boston St. Patrick's Day parade

OUTVETS, an organization for LGBT military veterans, have been approved to participate in South Boston's St. Patrick's Day parade in 2015, the Boston Globe reported, following a 5-to-4 vote by the Allied War Veterans Council.

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6 questions with Ty Hunter, fashion director and Beyonce's stylist

Ty Hunter, the man behind the "With Passion" brand and Beyonce's style, spoke with GLAAD about his experiences and inspirations.

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New report spotlights issues facing LGBT Americans

In collaboration with the Movement Advancement Project (MAP), Center for American Progress, and the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), GLAAD has released a new report, Understanding Issues Facing LGBT Americans.

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What's your #DayinLGBT look like?

"Today when you post a photo to Twitter or Instagram and tag it with #DayInLGBT (yes, it's that simple), it can be about celebrating the myriad of ways we differ. The point is: there is no prevailing picture of what it means to be LGBT."Read More

VIDEO: Kristene Chapa, lesbian survivor of Texas shooting, tells MSNBC: "God loves everybody. He left me here for a reason"

Last night, MSNBC premiered an online original segment to catch up with Kristene, her advocates, and community members—known to her friends as Kris—about her intensive physical therapies, the aftermath of the brutal attack, coming out to her family, the ways in which Kris continues to inspire her community and young LGBT people throughout Texas and beyond.

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