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A lesbian adoptive mother responds to Catholic bishops' attempt to discriminate against #LGBTQfamilies like hers

We know nearly a dozen other same-sex couples who have also adopted children with special needs, both from the U.S. and abroad. And there are hundreds, if not thousands of others like us across the U.S. The intentionality with which they chose to parent is carried forward into their raising of their daughters and sons. They have done all the things that other parents do, often while facing stigma and a lack of legal stability for their families.

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Two women, a donor, and a caring community: it takes a village to raise #LGBTQfamilies

The long process of preparing for the pregnancy and the pregnancy itself presented several challenges for me and us: starting with searching for a donor, then the conversations with the different doctors at the fertility clinic about all of our options, to issues related to our relationship as a couple, to reflecting on my own role as a mother—the non-gestational mother.

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"It’s in the Jeans": lessons learned coming of age and coming out in #LGBTQfamilies

I had no idea that being gay was not normal when I was little. I grew up in a large Black family in Washington, DC, on a steady diet of Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King and Jesse “I am somebody” Jackson. It was important to my family and community for us to always know who we were as Black people.

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Boy Scouts President: Continued ban on gay leaders "cannot be sustained"

It was announced today that Robert Gates, the president of the Boy Scouts of America, has urged, in the interest of preserving the BSA's autonomy and longevity, for a revision of the organization's ban on gay adults serving in leadership roles.

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How to get marriage equality in Ireland

The solution to making marriage equality in Ireland might be the most obvious, but also one that requires commitment: Vote yes at on the initiative on Friday May 22.

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Shooting survivor Kristene Chapa gets standing ovation at #glaadawards

Kristene Chapa shared her story of her horrific attack with the crowd at the 26th annual GLAAD Media Awards in New York.

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VIDEO: Our Tomorrow launches, explores LGBT movement's future

While the LGBT community has seen great advances towards equality, including numerous law and policy changes, there is still much farther to go before everyone in the LGBT community has full equality and cultural acceptance.Read More

NY Boy Scouts Council hires openly gay Eagle Scout, defies BSA ban

An Eagle Scout and an advocate for LGBT acceptance, Pascal Tessier has become the first openly gay adult approved to work with the Boy Scouts of America (BSA).

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