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James Wharton on his new book, Prince Harry as his ally, and being “Out in the Army”

James Wharton has made a name for himself in recent years by being a gay soldier in the British army and by having Prince Harry as a friend, an LGBT-affirming ally, and a defender in trying times. Now, James is a vocal advocate for the LGBT community who is passionately committed to an array of issues that people face, and has captured his experiences in the memoir, “Out in the Army: my Life as a Gay Soldier,” which was recently released to US readers.


Christian band "Jars of Clay" frontman comes out as ally in 3 days of tweeting

Dan Haseltine is the lead singer of the popular Christian folk rock band, Jars of Clay. He's a songwriter, author, founder and board member of the non-profit Blood:Water Mission and, now, an ally to the LGBT community. Since Tuesday, he's been tweeting about marriage equality, loving LGBT people, and his Christian beliefs as support for being an ally.


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