The Advocate asks GLAAD about the state of transgender equality

The Advocate asked eight transgender advocates about the state of transgender equality. GLAAD's Dani Heffernan spoke about GLAAD's Transgender Education and Media Program. She was one of eight transgender advocates featured in the story:

Our work this year has spanned a wide range of media and issues, from working on grassroots campaigns to weighing in on entertainment images, and working with local and national news outlets to correct problematic coverage of transgender people and issues in broadcast, print and online news.

At GLAAD, our Transgender Education & Media Program works to educate cisgender LGB people, as well as mainstream Americans on transgender people and the issues that impact our lives, and also to combat anti-trans images in the media in a way to set a standard that anti-trans words and images are not acceptable.

Read Dani's entire essay, as well as the other essays at The Advocate.


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