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Great essay in HuffPo Latino Voices by Southern Queer advocate

What makes a white, 32-year-old, middle-class queer woman with no prior charges decide to risk arrest on a November day in Atlanta in order to stop ICE from deporting immigrants? I could tell you a story

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Good coverage of Illinois marriage equality in La Raza

Chicago's La Raza newspaper did a great job covering marriage equality with a story that appropriately emphasized the joy felt by the LGBT Latino/a community.

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They Can Do That on TV?!

For many years a show aired twice a day, in the afternoon then again in the early evening and nationwide, in cities with large Latino populations. It was, for a quick comparison, like Jerry Springer only worse, if you can imagine. Guests came on to battle it out with each other over, mostly, love or property. And, shockingly, audience members were encouraged to chant “maricón” “puto” “puñal” and other words synonymous with the word "faggot."

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More Latino celebs & media than ever join us on Spirit Day

October 17 was Spirit Day, a day when we at GLAAD asks all people, including celebrities and leaders to send a message of support to LGBT young people and to take a stand against bullying by wearing purple, turning their Facebook and Twitter pages

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Meeting With Great Media Professionals at Univision Arizona

Arriving at Univision's handsome Southwestern campus in Phoenix, I wasn't sure what to expect. Every media meeting we do is different, and media professionals can sometimes feel anxious about covering LGBT people and issues.

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Hola Ciudad Covers Spirit Day

The web site Hola Ciudad is covering Spirit Day, letting its readers know, in Spanish, all about this important event, tomorrow.

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