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Telemundo's actors and executives create and share great Pride video

Producer and actress Ileanna Simancas was used to creating holiday-themed pieces with Telemundo's on-air talent, and last month she decided to change things up a bit and came up with a Pride month video concept. The daughter of a family of well-known actors from Venezuela, who had been around the entertainment business since birth, she knows the power of media. So she created a three-minute piece starring popular Telemundo telenovela actors.

Mexican coach defends use of shameful slur, FIFA investigates

In recent days we have heard that FIFA is investigating Mexican fans of the national soccer team, the Tri (and perhaps Brazilian fans) for the use of the derogatory word "puto."

Amazingly, Mexico's coach Miguel Herrera has defended the use of the word as "not that bad." That attitude is shocking and so too is the fact that neither FIFA nor Mexican soccer have done more about this issue, and sooner. In fact, Conapred, the Mexican agency that investigates discrimination has taken a stand saying use of this word is not "a custom," it's irresponsible.

GLAAD campaign helps call attention to anti-gay slurs during World Cup

GLAAD's campaign to stop anti-LGBT words in soccer is helping to call attention to slurs on the pitch, especially as FIFA is said to be investigating the recent use of "puto," (faggot) in stadiums in Brazil during the World Cup. This is a problem that many in Mexico have been trying to call attention to for some time, but little has been done to educate fans. GLAAD called on FIFA to do more to fight homophobia in the sport, as anti-gay chants are heard far too often in stadiums around the world, from England to Mexico.


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