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Colombia's leading LGBT organization joins #SpiritDay

Colombia Diversa, the country's leading LGBT organization, along with la Red Comunitaria Trans and Parces made a #SpiritDay video with the message "It's fine to be who you are."Read More

Increíble apoyo para #SpiritDay para llamar atención al bullying

Hoy es #SpiritDay cuando nos vestimos de morada para llamar atención al bullying o acoso escolar en contra de jóvenes LGBT. Entre los participantes ya se han sumado el elenco de Un Nuevo Día en Telemundo y el elenco de Despierta América en Univision.

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Amazing support & a Spirit Day video from Peru

Support for #SpiritDay continues to grow. Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen turned her Twitter profile photo purple. And lots of celebrities joined us including Lila Downs, Patricia Velásquez, and many more celebrities from Spanish-language media networks Univision and Telemundo plan to participate.

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Latino celebs going purple for Spirit Day

GLAAD's Spanish-Language and Latino Media team has been reaching out to Latino celebrities, including many who star in Spanish-Language shows seen in the U.S. but also internationally, asking them to participate in Spirit Day. And they are stepping up to send a message of love and support to LGBT youth and against bullying.

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"Campeones de la Igualdad" shares stories of LGBT families with millions of visitors

Spanish-language Univision news recently published a special multi-media package, "Campeones de la Igualdad" on its site that profiles some of the couples who helped bring about the historic Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage.

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Upstaged by the kids: George, Farid and their adorable twins at NY marriage rally

George Constantinou and Farid Ali-Lancheros were two of the many couples who shared their stories at an April 27 rally in New York City, and their message, in both English and Spanish, was beautiful—as are their kids, who stole the show.Read More

Great interview with Patricia Velasquez on "Al Rojo Vivo"

Actress, activist and former supermodel Patricia Velasquez's memoir is about to be published in Spanish and one of the first Spanish-language interviews, with "Al Rojo Vivo" on Telemundo, aired today.

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Queriendo más y más: "Más Negro Que La Noche" left us wanting more LGBT inclusion en español

GLAAD's film report, "The Studio Responsibility Index" released April 15 includes the Spanish-language horror film Mas Negro Que La Noche from Pantelion Films, a joint venture of Lionsgate Entertainment and Grupo Televisa. In it, a young woman, Greta, inherits a crumbling estate and moves there with a few friends, including best friend Pilar who appears to be in love with Greta and is later seen flirting with another woman (Eréndira Ibarra who also played a lesbian on the terrific Mexican novela Las Aparacio).

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