Posts by Monica Trasandes, Director of Spanish-Language Media at GLAAD

Pan American Health Organization Denounces So-Called “Conversion” Therapies

Today, May 17, on International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, the Pan American Health Organization released a position statement in which it denounced so-called “conversion therapies,” and called for government, media and academia to take appropriate measures to condemn these practices and to educate the public

Nancy Alvarez: Please Stop Sharing Your Inaccurate Theories in Media, You are Hurting People

In an interview with AOL Latino, Dr. Nancy Alvarez, a self-described sexologist who uses the term “Dr.” and former host of a popular daytime program on Univision, expressed the idea that people are made gay by “mistakes made by their parents.” GLAAD responded with a column today on

Se Convierte en Ley la Igualdad Matrimonial en el Estado de Washington

El día de hoy se firmó de aprobado una ley que traerá la igualdad matrimonial al estado de Washington. A partir del 7 de junio, cuando entrará en vigor la nueva ley, el estado se convertirá en el séptimo (y octava jurisdicción) en el país en permitir que contraigan matrimonio las parejas del mismo sexo.


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