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Sofía Vergara se Declara a Favor del Matrimonio Igualitario

En una reciente entrevista, Sofia Vergara, la famosa actriz colombiana y coprotagonista de la serie estadounidense “Modern Family,” se declaró a favor del matrimonio igualitario.Read More

GLAAD Congratulates DREAM Act Advocates

Today the Obama administration announced it would cease some deportations and offer undocumented young people who meet certain requirements the opportunity to work legally. GLAAD applauds the young, undocumented leaders, many of whom are LGBT, for their tireless advocacy to ensure that all Americans have access to safety, equal opportunity and protection.

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Sofia Vergara Supports Marriage Equality

Sofia Vergara, who co-stars in Modern Family, recently spoke about her support of marriage equality in an interview on More

Gloria Estefan Como Mama de Personaje Lésbico en GLEE

Gloria Estefan participará en la final de temporada de GLEE, donde interpretará al personaje Maribel Lopez, la madre de Santana Lopez (Naya Rivera), que es lesbiana.

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Pan American Health Organization Denounces So-Called “Conversion” Therapies

Today, May 17, on International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, the Pan American Health Organization released a position statement in which it denounced so-called “conversion therapies,” and called for government, media and academia to take appropriate measures to condemn these practices and to educate the public

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Yet Another Major Study Finds Strong LGBT Support Among Latinos

A study released by the Pew Hispanic Center April 4 found that 59 percent of U.S. Latinos say homosexuality should be accepted by society. This comes as no surprise given the rise in positive representations of LGBT people and issues in Spanish-language media in recent years.

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Chilean Gay Man Dies After Brutal Attack

Daniel Zamudio, the 24-year-old Chilean gay man who was left in a coma after being brutally assaulted in a park in Santiago, has died.On March 27 doctors

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