The Amplifier - February 2010 - Media Circle

The Amplifier - February 2010 - Media Circle

A Note from GLAAD President Jarrett T. Barrios

On a recent flight from New York to GLAAD’s office in Los Angeles, I had a poignant experience with the woman sitting next to me. After the initial pleasantries we began the standard small talk about family, why we were traveling to LA and what we did for work. I reflected a bit, and thought about how best to describe what it is we “do” at GLAAD.

The country, our world and the media have changed since GLAAD began twenty-five years ago and so has GLAAD. What has remained constant, though, is this: At GLAAD, we believe that Americans are fair-minded, and when they see LGBT people – when they hear our stories – they come to understand that it’s not about “special rights.” It’s about their brothers and sisters, neighbors and friends. People just like them, who deserve to be respected and valued for their contributions. I turned to the woman beside me and explained, GLAAD serves as a watchdog, storyteller and advocate for gay and transgender Americans– we amplify voices and bring stories to millions of Americans. She asked why?

Be the Change You Want to See

GLAAD Launches New Leadership Councils in Boston and DC
At the end of 2009, GLAAD launched two new Leadership Councils in both Boston and Washington, D.C., adding to the existing five Councils located in Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York, South Florida, and San Francisco. Leadership Councils play an important role in their respective communities, relaying the stories of local LGBT people and allies that build support for our equality to GLAAD which, in turn, are amplified and brought to millions of Americans by our Programs staff.

Planned Giving

Demystifying Foundations and Charitable Funds
It’s been an interesting winter so far. Heavy rainstorms in the West, snow in the East being measured by tonnage, and bitter ice throughout the Midwest and South. The economy, much like the weather lately, has been quite volatile. So in this down economy, how do we maintain giving to favorite charities? The most important thing you can do for a charity is provide stability. Perhaps you’ve heard about private foundations and donor advised funds, but if you’re like most people, you may not know the difference between them and the benefits they provide. You may know a friend who has a family foundation but may not know what it means.

Recent Initiatives

National News

Spotlighting Gay Service Members Who Suffer Under Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
Spanish Language Media

Countering Biased Story on So-Called “Ex-Gay Conversions”
Religion, Faith & Values

Amplifying the American Prayer Hour, Spotlighting Dangers of Uganda Anti-Gay Legislation
Media Field Strategy

Taking A Stand Against an Adoption Ban in Florida


You are cordially invited to the
2010 Media Awards Brunch
honoring contributors to the Media Circle and celebrating the success of the 21st Annual GLAAD Media Awards

Sunday March 14, 2010
11:30 am - 1:30 pm

etcetera etcetera
352 West 44th Street
New York, NY 10036

RSVP at or (323) 634-2099, code 701.


The GLAAD Media Awards are Fast Approaching

Do you have your tickets yet? The Media Awards season kicks off in New York on March 13th, Los Angeles on April 17th, and San Francisco on June 5th. This year’s nominees recognize the artists, productions, and media that portray outstanding images and stories of the LGBT community.

Attend the GLAAD Media Awards!

Support GLAAD by purchasing tickets for the 21st Annual GLAAD Media Awards in New York, Los Angeles or San Francisco. In addition to seeing exciting celebrities and having an excellent night, you will be supporting GLAAD in its efforts to help achieve full equality for LGBT people.