Vote No on 36-Oregon Constitutional Amendment
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"Sharing your life with a cop sometimes means asking, 'Is this the day she doesn't come home?'" says a woman over images of a police squad car zooming by, a female officer arresting someone, and a hospital gurney whisks past.

The young woman, LeAnn L., sits in front of a picture, says, "For me and Diane, constitutional amendment 36 means even more worries. We worry 36 could put our contracts taking responsibility for each other at risk. So I might not be able to make a life-saving decision for her. And the pension she's earned on the job could disappear.

"If you put your life on the line, your family ought to be protected, no matter who they are."

The constitutional amendment passed, with 57% of voters supporting the measure -- as they did in 11 states during the November 2004 election -- but it was the weakest win of any state. Like 37 other states that already had laws defining marriage as only between a man and a woman, amendment supporters feared a court could toss aside the state law.
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