Rice Crispy Treats
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Packaged Foods
Leo Burnett Co.
In this over-the-top series of odd commercials aimed at teens, a man creates a Buffont-type "wig" out of Rice Crispy Treats to cover his bald head and goes to a dance.

With a British accent, he says, "Want to be the best looking man in the world? Try wearing new Double Chocolate Chunk Rice Crispies Treats."

To campy '70s soul music, he shows up at a dance, where a group of women gather around him -- until another fellow dressed all in white, with a white Rice Crispies wig on shows up. They rush over to him, but he shows no interest in the women.

The first man chimes in, "Oh no, is the world big enough for two love machines?"

Then the two --neither especially masculine -- wrap their arms around each other and begin dirty dancing together, complete with synchronized hip sways, as the women look on awkwardly stunned.

The tagline: "Best when eaten."
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