Liberal Party of Canada
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A man is holding a sign that reads, "Why are you voting Liberal?" A series of Canadian citizens share their opinions.

A young, presumably gay male explains: "The charter of rights and freedoms is extremely important to me and I know that the Liberal party will defend that."

Next, a woman tells her reason: "They allow Canadians to express their voices and they provide rights to people and to minorities that otherwise would not be granted rights."

Another Canadian explains her opinion: "Because I want to guarantee and make sure that women's rights are preserved."

The final testimonial comes from an African-Canadian woman, who shares her views: "I do believe in equality for all. It doesn't matter who you are as long as you're a proud Canadian."

The ad concludes with a distant shot of a woman holding an umbrella saying: "There are over 30 million reasons to vote Liberal. What's yours?"
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