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An old fashioned couple lay in bed together, about to go to sleep. As the wife curls up to her husband, she suddenly notices he's missing his ring and asks, "Honey, where is your wedding ring?"

His face suddenly goes cold as the scene changes to a toilet stall in a dance club, where a leatherman sits on a stool. He grunts as he attempts to do his business and then, after some effort, the ring is discovered as it clinks into the toilet bowl! (Obviously lodged in the man's anus by the husband's extra-marital sex act.)

The announcer at the end says the newspaper can help people find secondhand jewelers and new partners in its classified ads sections.

A shocking ad that could only come from a progressive country like the Netherlands. Despite the ad's daring, neither the stereotyped leatherman nor the closeted husband are especially groundbreaking portrayals.
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