The Sims 2
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Odiorne, Wilde, Narraway & Partners
This ad opens with the words "Challenge everything" -- which seems to imply sexual orientation as well.

Scenes from the new game appear and asks, "What will you do with their lives?"

Viewers see a man and woman lying in the grass. The screen says, "Give them what they want." Then those things are listed off: fortune, knowledge, romance, fame, and family.

When the word romance is onscreen, a man jumps into a woman's arms, and a straight couple is shown kissing in a steamy hot tub. Then a female couple is passionately kissing. One woman wears a red dress and knee high boots, while the other has on an orange tank top and pumps. Her hair appears to be in an up-do.

The same-sex couple appears only momentarily, but the two woman are clearly a part of the romance sequence.

A character selection screen reads, "Unleash your creativity." Aerial shots of houses follow. "Move them into a 3D world," it says, and ends with the Sims 2 logo.
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