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At a wedding dance, John Stamos (the spokesman for long distance discount number 10-10-987, also TV star of "Full House") is tapped on the shoulder by a woman asking, "Can I cut in?" it turns out to be a significantly shorter grandma.

"Sure," he replies. "You look just like my third husband," the octogenarian says with a smile, looking up at him.

A series of women of all sizes and ages dance with him, discussing the advantages of the phone service.

Now dancing slowly with the bride, Stamos is interrupted when the groom asks, "Hey, can I cut in?" Stamos agrees, and grabs the groom, who is slightly surprised, as he clearly meant to dance with his bride. Stamos puts his head against the groom's and closes his eyes romantically.

This neutral handling is appreciated, as it could easily have been played for horror by either party -- Stamos or the groom. Instead, Stamos seems to enjoy himself.

However, according to some viewers, the ending with the groom was removed after the commercial began airing. (MCI has declined any comments about the ad, nor would it release it to Commercial Closet, claiming the spot had completed its run.)
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