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This ad features John and Anne Paulk, who had been featured on the cover of Newsweek magazine for a feature about "ex-gays." Paulk disgraced himself and his affiliation with anti-gay group Focus on the Family when he was later found in a gay bar in Washington DC.

It shows former lesbians and gays who've paired up and had children together as heterosexuals. After saying how long they'd "been" gay, one says, "We were broken and looking for love in the wrong places."

Coral Ridge Ministries is part of the coalition that created quite a stir with "ex-gay" print ads, which ran in major newspapers nationwide and consequently got much media attention.

The tagline is: "It's not about hate. It's about hope."

Using this line appears to reveal a vulnerability on the part of Coral Ridge Ministries. The religious right has long been criticized by the gay community as spreading hate and the ad attempts to reframe the issue.

The campaign aired in Washington DC and the group tried to show it on Orlando stations during Gay Day at Disneyworld but was ultimately turned down by all but a religious station.
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