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David Jorgensen
This ad is one of several submissions into the GLAAD "I DO" competition. ôI DOö is a national competition to create the best 30-second television commercial in support of marriage equality for same-sex couples.

This ad attempts to make the viewer understand that the gay and lesbian community is all around them and that they are no different then the viewer.

The ad begins with the words "You know us...we are..."

The camera then cuts to several different people stating what they do, ranging from students, to lawyers, to construction workers, to athletes, to soldiers and more.

The screen then goes black and the word "Americans" appear as people in the background continue to state who they are..."friends, neighbors..." The words "Shouldn't we have the same rights as you?" appear.

The camera then cuts to two male hands. One hand is putting a ring on the other. Next footage of a gay couple after they got married appear, everyone is clapping as they kiss.

The tagline: "Say I DO to Marriage Equality."
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