Vote No-Missouri Amendment 2
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In this straightforward pre-election PSA, the Constitution Defense League addresses one of the issues on the Missouri State ballot.

"Serving American overseas, you see what makes this country special: laws that treat everyone fairly" says Damon Hayward, a veteran of the U.S. Navy, of Raytown, Mo. "That's why I'm voting no on Constitutional Amendment 2."

"Amendment 2 isn't about gay marriage. That's already banned in Missouri," he explains. "It's about putting unequal treatment in Missouri's Constitution."

"Permanently," interjects a voiceover. "And even banning basic rights, like hospital visits and pension benefits."

He continues, "People may disagree about gay marriage, but we shouldn't put our disagreements in the Constitution. If you're against unequal treatment, and you want to protect our Constitution, vote no on Constitutional Amendment 2."

Despite raising more than $360,000, largely from national gay-rights groups, and running this television ad in the final days before the vote, the amendment passed overwhelmingly, with 70% of voters supporting the measure, as they did in 11 states during the November 2004 election. Missouri and 37 other states already had laws defining marriage as only between a man and a woman, but amendment supporters feared a court could toss aside the state law.

The group favoring the amendment, the Coalition to Protect Marriage in Missouri, spread the word through churches and community events, raising just a few thousand dollars.
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