Canadians for Equal Marriage
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National Politics
Leo Burnett Co.
Echoing segregation of the 1950s and '60s, when black people had to use separate facilities from whites, an up escalator marked "straight" sits next to a stairwell marked "gay." A taxi window reads "Sraights only," two phone kiosks sit next to each other, one for straights and the other for gays. Hitting the point home with the most direct reference to black discrimination of that era, a bus stop shelter says, "No gays."

A super asks, "If this is wrong, why is it right when it comes to marriage?"

The spot has aired on PrideVision, the 24-hour gay cable network.

The campaign was created by David Moore, executive VP and general manager of Leo Burnett Co. in Canada, where he moved with his partner for a country that will accept their relationship of 14 years.
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