Kucinich for President
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National Politics
This commercial supports the presidential campaign for Kucinch, a former mayor of Cleveland and US Representative of Ohio (Democrat).

A narrator says to Congressman Kucinich, "You're only 5'6" but you really cut those other guys down to size in those debates." Kucinich, staring into the camera smiles.

"You're the only one who voted against the war in Iraq and against the Patriot Act and who'll repeal NAFTA." (Kucinich smiles more broadly and shows a thumbs-up sign.)

"The only one with a plan for national healthcare AND free college. And you have the courage to be for gay marriage AND you're pro-choice!"

"You've only got one problem." (The sound of a record scratches as the music stops and Kucinich loses his smile.) "The media says you're unelectable."

Kucinich finally speaks, "But I AM electable...if you VOTE for me!"
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