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A Jerry Seinfeld lookalike carries a microphone and addresses a camera in news fashion, saying "We're here to find out how people use Sharpie."

He encounters a number of people outdoors, a woman and child in a park, a man moving with boxes, a skater kid, and a construction worker bent over. The man's underwear clearly shows the name Bob written on the outside, like what mom's do for their children when they go to summer camp. Checking out the name in the underwear, the interviewer says to him, "Using your Sharpie to mark boards there, uh, Bob?"

But the man looks back at him with no awareness of the name at all and says, "My name's Dave..." bringing an odd frown from the interviewer.

The mystery of why Dave is wearing underwear labeled Bob (is it mixed up laundry with his brother? His boyfriend? Or a thrift store item?) is left open but odd and frowned upon.
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