Companion Animal Placement
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Public Service Announcements
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To a quaint piano tune, an older man undresses after work as his dog sits with him patiently.

Down to his underwear, with no enthusiasm he flexes momentarily in front of the mirror, then walks over to the bureau and pulls out a black satin bra to put on.

Continuing to get dressed with little emotion, he adds lipstick, pumps, a wig and stuffing for his cleavage. In between, he notices his age by pulling up his sagging neck in the mirror, and finishes dressing.

The dog brings over a matching purse and gets petted by his owner.

The text then reads, "That's the great thing about pets. They really don't care."

Although this commercial won a Silver Clio Award, it isn't particularly friendly to transgendered people -- implying that if you're not a pet, you should care that a man puts on women's clothing.

While some suggest that the ad engenders sympathy for the transgendered, much can be surmised from the ad's tone. With the black and white film, joyless elder man and downbeat music, it comes off more depressing, rather than flattering.
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