Toasted Oatmeal cereal
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A middle-aged man joins another in the kitchen as he removes his jacket. They sit down for breakfast and begin bickering about the cereal, which is called Quaker Toasted Oatmeal.

"You're putting the oatmeal in the toaster, are you trying to burn the house down?" he asks. Annoyed, the other replies, "No, I don't toast the oatmeal, Quaker toasts the oatmeal."

At the close, the first guy says, "This is good, they should call this Quaker Tasty Oatmeal." The other quips, "We'll write a letter."

This is a good example of the Gay Vague category because the nature of the relationship between these two men is never specified. Aside from the unusual arrangement of two men having breakfast together at home, there are nuances in how they interact with each other that is uncommon among straight guys.
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