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In a clever commercial about the uniqueness of identical twins, the ad shows the similarities of two young men as they get ready in the morning.

As if in the military, Erik and Derek get ready together in the morning, shaving and even showering together. They wear the same clothes and each makes his own music mix for their MiniDisc players. They both leave their apartment together and wait to be picked up.

One is picked up by a sexy woman in a slinky outfit, and the other is picked up by a rather unlikely, not-so-attractive (by idealistic advertising standards), goateed wrestler. The ad agency, which clearly intended for somewhat of a shock effect with the wrestler, purposely picked someone who does not reflect society's general view of "beauty" and absurdly put him in a wrestler's outfit.

The commercial's smart idea with a neutral treatment nonetheless loses points for the gay twin's stereotyped driver in its effort for an easy laugh. The overall effect is a wash and neither fully negative nor completely neutral.
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