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In a self-reflexive commercial about a commercial being shot, Sprite has three tough-looking basketball players who aren't what they appear to be. When the director yells "Cut!" one reveals he's a British performer who studied at Cambridge, another speaks with a California accent and the last one, a sissy.

In a bit of a temper tantrum, the sissy clumsily drops the basketball he's holding and asks a question about his character's role, "Excuse me, excuse me... What's my motivation?"

The commercial's narrator says, "When you're thirsty, trust your gut, not some actor." The tagline: "Obey your thirst."

As the TV spot ends, we hear the exasperated sissy exclaim, "That's it, I am going to my trailer!"

Classically handling the "gay joke," it always arrives as the last zinger of the commercial. This ad won an Effie Award.
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