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A stylish blonde in a short skirt walks barefoot through an ultramodern apartment/store. She casually picks up a pair of strappy heels off a shelf and hands them to a dark-haired woman -- the only two people there.

The blonde woman (a sales person? her partner?) sits down on the sofa and leans back. The woman slides a shoe onto the other's foot as she lays back. She throws her head back, moaning. As the shoe is tied on, the blonde raises her hips and fondles her breast. The dark-haired woman then puts the second shoe on for her, which causes the blonde to clench her teeth and slide a hand up her thigh -- the other looks slightly surprised!

The screen fades to black. Then, with both shoes on, she steps off the sofa and caresses the dark-haired woman's face. She walks away, sexily swaying her hips, and smiles.

"Shoe manic," reads the screen, just before the Humanic logo pops up.

Both women in this sexually charged ad fit the classic straight-male fantasy of the lipstick lesbian stereotype, even though no men are present in the ad.
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