Toyota Corolla
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Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising
A father and daughter are sitting on the front porch.

The father says to his daughter, "Your mother tells me you're in love." The daughter answers, "Yeah." He asks, "Is he like all the rest of 'em?" The daughter replies with a sigh, "No."

A sporty blue Corolla squeals up to the curb. Just on this information alone, the father announces, "I like him!" He gets up to go into the house.

The daughter opens the car door, looks in, and says "hi." A guy says "hi" back. After she sits down two more guys lean forward and say hi, too. It remains unclear who the three men are, brothers, lovers, or just gay friends in the back seat.

The campaign includes a variety of endings, with various types of males, a geek, a rocker, and a woman.
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