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The ad first shows a glamorous picture of famous transgender Thai kickboxer Nong Tum, introducing her "real life." Her father then angrily appears, shouting her name as he tears up her picture in their home. He shouts, "I never thought you'd turn out like this! Why?"

She hurtfully replies, "Dad! You don't understand me!" and runs up to her room, then begins angrily kicking and punching the training bag.

As dad buries his face in his hands, an announcer says, "Even though things change, there is one thing that has never changed...Trane air-conditioner under warranty for 7 years...there is no change."

This is a tragic story of rejection made trivial by a poor relationship between the product and ad concept. Some may argue that the commercial is good because it features Tum, but it does not improve trans representation by showing how upset her father is, then dismissing the seriousness of his upset by showing pleasure with an air conditioner/heater.
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