Camy Maxibon
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Packaged Foods
Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide
A casually dressed twenty-something male is speaking Spanish, explaining that life is about choices. Next, a drag queen is walking through a dimly lit hallway at a disco. The environment's requisite electronic music frames the scene.

The drag queen approaches the bathrooms and is confronted with a decision to make, whether to use the men's room or the women's room.

Next, a heterosexual pair is making out on a park bench. The next shot is in the bedroom where a presumably extra-curricular affair is being realized. This becomes evident by the panic that ensues once the doorknob to the bedroom begins to jiggle.

The end is back at the original shot, where the main character is enjoying a Nestl? Camy Maxibon ice cream bar. After exploring some more grave choices one can make in his life, it's clear this guy's choice is his ice cream bar.

This ad earns an "Equal" rating because the act of dressing as a woman is presented as the character's objective choice as opposed to an unwise decision by a morally lax hedonist.
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