Cooler Club
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Alcoholic Beverages
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A lounge lizard tries to pick up women in a disco and notices that as each attractive woman comes up to the bar, they keep ordering Cooler Club wine coolers. As he comes on to them, they curl up their lips in disgust and walk away.

Then an attractive transgender woman/transvestite comes up to him and he tries to order her a Cooler Club. She leans in and whispers into his ear, "Noi doesn't drink, ka," then laughs hysterically.

The tagline: "Cooler Club. The wine cooler for women."

It is common in Thailand for women to refer to themselves not by the word "chan" for "I' but by their given name, in the third person. "Noi" is her given name, and she ends with "ka" which is the polite ending used only by women--similar to sir/madam in America.

It can be deduced that she is either pretending to be a woman or considers herself to be a woman.

She gets the last laugh here, though the reaction is still one of repugnance.

While Asia tends to generally be more conservative than other parts of the world, Thailand is infamous for a sex trade that draws its own tourism. Nonetheless, in 1999 Thai prime minister Chuan Leekpai requested that TV stations ù all of which are government owned ù cut down on shows featuring transvestites and transsexuals "to prevent innocent youngsters from imitating unfavorable examples." In spring 2000, this was extended to the showing of smoking cigarettes as well.
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