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Big Chair
A gorgeous woman is laying in bed and breathing heavily, then throws back the shirtless stud on her and says, "Wait! Before this goes any further, there's something I have to tell you."

She hands him a beer and announces, "I'm a transsexual," as her hand mocks a scissors cut and a cat yelps in the background.

"My name used to be Phil." The man laughs in disbelief and she says, "serious," as she points at her Adam's apple.

The smile falls from his face as he turns and says, "I gotta go." She pouts as he takes a swig of his beer and exclaims, "Wow! That tastes great!" (The edit leaves out the actual drinking, which can't be shown on U.S. television.) Then he turns to her, having forgotten everything that transpired, and asks, "What was I saying?"

With a sexy voice, she replies, "You were about to nibble on my lip." He smiles and then jumps back onto her in the bed.

The ad starts off looking like numerous negative Tricky Transsexual ads before it, but the twist on the "expected" negative ending comes off as positive and accepting -- though he had to be hit with amnesia. Still, the ad is shot sympathetically from her perspective.

Stations in Phoenix, Austin, Atlanta and Richmond, VA, carried the ad, though some in those cities also refused to run it, revealing that, even in "progressive" cities, things may not be as accepting as some might expect. The ad could be more accepting if it did not take amnesia as a device.
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