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Non-Alcoholic Beverages
Lowe Worldwide
A steam locomotive chugs forward,
whistle blowing. Inside the engine room, two hunky men dressed in white athletic shirts with a green lightning bolt symbol (Sprite Japan's
symbol) are sooty from shoveling coal and hold hands. They shovel coal in the blazing hot interior as the train moves on.

A meaningful glance is exchanged between them as they sweat and so does a can of Sprite, covered with condensation.

The two coal shovelers are then shown out of the engine, showered and each holding a Sprite.

"Get cool, new Sprite," the announcer says. In the final shot, a can of Sprite is encased in a frame of ice, with the words "Dry Lemon."

This ad has a remarkably accepting, non-threatening depiction of a male couple in an unusual setting.
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