Some of My Best Friends Are
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The vague trailer for this film doesn't explain that the movie features patrons of "The Blue Jay," a gay bar in Manhattan's Greenwich Village. Instead, it alludes to a film about gay men and the bars where they convene.

The camera pans across the actors' faces and the screen reads: "Due to its controversial nature and the explicit drama of its scenes, we have refrained from the customary practice of showing dramatic portions of our coming attraction. A penetrating insight to a world which actually exists today, it tells in one human story the many stories of its people...some outrageously funny...some shockingly grotesque... and some of heart-rending emotional impact. The producers have attempted to portray events with full honesty and therefore the film's content may sometimes be objectionable for viewing by younger audiences. But for those who can stand the is provocative adult entertainment."

This trailer is from the "Homo Promo" 1991 video collection of gay film trailers from 1953 through 1977 by Jenni Olsen.

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