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A nervous young man adjusts his tie and crosses the street. He waits on the porch for someone to answer the door, then says, "Umm, hello, sir. I'd like to ask for Megan's hand in marriage."

The man at the door, presumably Megan's father, replies, "Alright, son."

"Thank you, sir!" says the young man, who smiles and then leaves.

He walks to another house next door, where a woman answers the door.

"Hi, ma'am. I've come to ask for Megan's hand in marriage," he tells her.

"Okay," she replies, making it seem as though she is Megan's mother.

But then, the husband-to-be hops the fence and walks next door. He heads toward another suburban home, a high rise (which he looks at with despair), a mansion, and an apartment complex asking the same question of everyone.

He walks alongside a highway next to cornfield until he sees someone working in the field.

"Excuse me, mister?" he says before repeating his request again. The man in the field agrees and they shake hands.

"How would you feel if you had to ask 260 million people for the right to marry?" appears on screen, as the young man continues on his way.

This ad is by far the most effective in a series of six ads about gay marriage from MTV's Choose or Lose campaign.

MTV has set the gold standard among all advertisers for the most ads that refer to the community, more than 30 since 1996, in addition to carrying numerous gay ads from other companies and running its own supportive gay-inclusive programming.
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